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    This picture features an industrial heating plant, showing the smokestacks in the background

    Closed Water Heating & Cooling System Treatment

    The treatment of water in modern closed heating and cooling systems is essential for protecting from corrosion, limescale and microbiological fouling (biofouling). The build-up of biofilms can also lead to a reduction of heat transfer in heat exchangers and, in extreme cases, reduced water flow due to partial or complete blockages.

    How does it work?

    Keeping up top of this testing and system maintenance can lead to:

    Improved system performance
    Greener operations through lowered energy use
    Reduced spend on energy bills
    Long-term savings through the preservation of components

    At 4i Water Services, we carry out pre-commissioning and system flushing to BSRIA BG/11 and BG 29/2012 regulation for both LTHW and chilled systems. All chemicals used are carefully chosen for your industry and water system, including high-quality biocides, dispersants, oxide removers and bio-dispersants.

    There are several focus areas behind closed system chemical dosing, testing & flushing, and particularly in pre-commissioning system cleaning. Primarily, we aim to protect your metal system components from corrosion, which in turn protects your water from polluting suspended solids, and thus protects your water quality and safety. We also aim to removal installation contaminants and provide guidance on successfully cleansing the system, both from microbiological, chemical and foreign object contaminants

    To support this, we are careful in the selection of the chemicals we use in our closed system dosing. Our experts assess the materials used to make sure they are fully compliant and of the best quality, ensuring that they are not aggressive to any of the plumbing works they come into contact with, nor that they encourage the growth or fungo or bacteria.

    This is supported by water sampling and analysis, to make sure our results are safe and industry approved. Typically, one should have their heating and cooling systems tested every one to three months, with more frequent testing during their first six months.

    Lastly, we offer our clients a “system health check” service, were we review the current condition of the system water and pipework, using thermal imagery and metallurgical analysis to establish system lifespan and its suitability for chemical de-sludge.

    How can 4i Water Services help?

    Fully BSRIA BG29/12 compliant, the experienced technicians at 4i Water Services are ready to carry out full pre-commission cleaning, testing, assessment, servicing and maintenance to your closed water pipework system. Need guidance on what your system requires? If you want more information about our closed system dosing, testing & flushing services, call 4i Water Services on 01359 242000 or contact us on info@4iwaterservices.co.uk today.