Ensure Water Quality and Safety with 4i Water Services


At 4i Water Services, we understand the importance of safeguarding water quality and public health. 

In compliance with water supply regulations, it is crucial that all private supply pipes and private mains meet specific disinfection, flushing, and pressure testing requirements before they can be connected to the existing public water supply. 

Our comprehensive services offer the validation and testing methods necessary to ensure your water supply adheres to these regulations.

Service Pipes Between 32mm and 63mm Outside Diameter  

For service pipes that are within the range of 32mm to 63mm outside diameter (Length > 100m), and extending over 100 meters in length, we provide the following treatments:  

  • Flush & Swab: This step involves flushing the pipe to remove any impurities. For pipes with a bore size greater than 50mm, swabbing is also employed to ensure thorough cleaning is complete. 

  • Disinfection: We employ industry-standard disinfection protocols to eliminate any potential contaminants, ensuring your water supply remains safe and clean. 

  • Bacteriological Testing: To confirm the absence of harmful bacteria and pathogens, we conduct rigorous bacteriological tests, giving you the peace of mind that your water is safe for consumption.  

Service Pipes with an Outside Diameter Greater than 63mm 

When servicing pipes with a diameter exceeding 63mm, our treatment procedures include:

  • Flush & Swab: We flush the pipe to eliminate debris and impurities.  

  • Disinfection: Applying rigorous disinfection methods to guarantee the removal of any harmful substances. 

  • Pressure Test: If the pipe is jointed, a pressure test is conducted to verify the structural integrity of the entire system. We carry out pressure testing of the pipework and fittings using the latest data logging instrumentation that ensure a guaranteed pass from the local water authority. 

  • Bacteriological Test: Ensuring that your water supply is safe, we always perform a comprehensive bacteriological test to ensure your water is free from contaminants. 

Pipes Affected by Ingress 

In cases where your pipes have been exposed to external elements like floodwater, sewage, or other contaminants during installation or storage, we offer full validation and testing to certify that your water and system adheres to the water supply regulations, safeguarding your health and services.  

Our Services 

4i Water Services is your trusted partner in achieving water quality compliance. With our expert disinfection, flushing, and pressure testing services, we ensure that your private supply pipes and private mains meet all necessary regulations. From supply and installation to ongoing servicing, our comprehensive services ensure that you enjoy the benefits of clean, safe water. 
If you’re concerned about the treatment of your water, contact us today and speak to an expert to guarantee the safety of your water supply.


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