Legionella Risk Assessment

The aim of a Legionella Risk Assessment should be to assess and record the extent, condition, design and management of all water systems within a property. It should assess and describe the risk of bacterial contamination by Legionella species, the potential for the bacteria to multiply and the potential for this to infect people with Legionnaires' Disease.

The assessment should allow the site management to instigate the required remedial actions to reduce any perceived immediate risk and to implement a control regime to manage the risk long term.

The assessment should not be filled with generic statements copied from guidance documents but should be site specific. When presenting the report it should be done in such a way as to make understanding of the requirements easy. At 4i Water Services Ltd we pride ourselves on providing a truly bespoke assessment which complies with BS8580 using suitable qualified and experienced personnel.

Additionally 4i Water Services Ltd is an audited member of the Legionella Control Association, along with being accredited by ISO9001 and Exor. This approval gives you the guarantee that not only do we carry the required  Professional Indemnity insurance but that your report will be carried out by true professionals with years of experience. 

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