UKAS Accredited Water Sampling

Checking the suitability and cleanliness of your water quality is vital. 

At 4i Water Services, we believe that water quality is paramount to the safety and well-being of others.

Our water sampling and UKAS accredited testing process is designed to meet the highest industry standards, guaranteeing the integrity of your water sources. 

What is Microbiological Water Testing? 

Microbiological testing of water is the process of collecting samples from various sources in order to analyse and assess its quality, properties, and composition. This process is crucial and is recommended to be carried out to determine the safety of water before it is commercially or privately used.
Regular water testing allows responsible person(s) to ensure that the water on their premises is safe and suitable for its purpose and that their compliance regime is fit for purpose. 

Our Services

At 4i Water Services, we both undertake and advise on water sampling and UKAS accredited analysis through independent laboratories.

Testing through a UKAS accredited laboratory ensures that the water you use is safe for all commercial and private use, including:

  • Water Microbiological
  • Water Chemistry
  • BSRIA BG29 Closed System
  • BSRIA BG50 Closed System
  • Drinking Water 
  • Closed heating and chilled systems 
  • Pool & Spa Water 
  • Open Water 
  • Ground Water 
  • Process Water 
  • Trade Effluent 
  • Surface water 
  • Borehole Water 
  • Endoscopy Rinse Water 

Need UKAS accredited testing of your water? Contact 4i Water Services to book a sampling visit today, or to learn more about the support we can offer through our various expert testing and treatment services. 

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