Pseudomonas Control


What is ‘Pseudomonas’? 

Pseudomonas aeruginosa is a bacterium often found in soil and groundwater. This pathogen is opportunistic, rarely targeting healthy people. Instead, it focuses on people who are already unwell or compromised. Whilst it is important to protect all water systems from this pathogen, it is therefore especially important for hospitals, care homes and other health care facilities
Failure to protect against P. aeruginosa correctly has led to multiple outbreaks of this pathogen from hospitals, which poses a threat not only to patients and staff, but also the wider area. Thankfully, here at 4i Water Services, we can support you in assessing your water systems for Pseudomonas risk, as well as implementing a range of safety solutions to both prevent and control infection risk. 


Our services 

At 4i Water Services, we can conduct a risk assessment that will tell you whether your water system contains the risk of Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Not only will this assess the likelihood of an infection, but using UKAS-accredited water sampling, we can also tell you whether the bacterium currently seems present. These assessments are particularly important if you run a health care facility, but are also recommended if you support the public in other ways.  
As well as testing and risk assessment, we provide responsive and preventative services such as cleaning and disinfection, filter installation and other control measures. These control services can reduce risk and keep vulnerable people safe when using your water. 


Our Pseudomonas Control services include: 

Site surveys & risk assessment  
UKAS accredited sampling by independent laboratories 
Cleaning & disinfection 
Plumbing & remedial works 
Engineered solutions & guidance 
POU filter supply & installation 
HTM 04-01 water system & hygiene services 
Continuous disinfection systems 
Concerned that your water system could be at risk from Pseudomonas aeruginosa? Contact 4i Water Services to book an assessment today, or to learn more about the support we can offer through our various expert testing and treatment services.

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