Legionella Control Regimes


Have you identified a Legionella risk? We can help.

Legionella control regimes refer to a set of measures and practices implemented to prevent the growth and spread of Legionella bacteria in man-made water systems. These regimes typically include water treatment, temperature control, regular cleaning and maintenance, risk assessment, monitoring, and staff training. By implementing these regimes, the risk of Legionella-related illnesses can be minimized, protecting public health and ensuring safe water systems.

At 4i Water Services, we believe that the level and frequency of the control regime should reflect the level of risk. We work closely with our clients to establish an agreed programme that will suit you and your set-up and enact this solution through our team of qualified and experienced water management service engineers. 

We are also happy to work alongside your own personnel: we can support your team in enacting their own infection control by providing audit services, as well as the required monitoring paperwork and logbooks.

Everyone is different, from the water system and level of risk to the way your team operates. At 4i, we do everything with you in mind: get in touch today to discuss how we can respond to concerns that legionella may be in your water supply.to your Legionella concerns.

Get a Legionella risk assessment:

If you need to test for the risk of Legionella and haven’t done so yet, then we can run this assessment for you.

If you believe that you or anyone you know has been infected with Legionnaires' Disease, take a look at the NHS advice and contact a medical professional.

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