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Utilising the latest Chlorine Dioxide technology, the XT2010, the site now benefits from 24/7 protection against pathogens in the multi water systems across the large site.

How it has helped

This has removed the need for temperature control thus allowing for temperatures on the hot systems to be lowered and placed on timers. The cold water systems where temperature may have been above the 20°C mark during the summer periods are now no longer a problem.

The site runs on both borehole and mains water, both of which are monitored and treated in a single holding tank which is then distributed to over 26 different systems with the tank holding 0.5ppm chlorine dioxide and the sentinel outlets on the systems showing a reserve greater than 0.1ppm chlorine dioxide. The systems have been monitored with monthly Legionella testing which was carried out by a UKAS accredited laboratory with all results showing no detection and the TVC counts showing clear results throughout.

The XT2010 system which has mobile monitoring and control insures that the system keeps within the required parameters ensuring the system does not run out of chemical and that any alarms are dealt with when they are raised. 

This system can be tailored to suit any water system and be linked to other systems such as boiler controls or booster sets with the added benefit of leak detection and water flow rate charts.

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