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    Our Primary Dental Care Practice Services

    Dental Practices have a duty of care in ensuring that the water supply, storage and distribution services should comply with the best practice guidance given in HTM04-01 and ACoP L8.

    Along with protecting staff and patients from potentially harmful bacteria in water systems, most Dental Practices have to think about reprocessing expensive equipment in line with HTM01-05 Decontamination in Primary Dental Care Practices.

    For Dental Practices…

    All systems must have a Risk Assessment.
    All premises must have a written Water Management Scheme.
    The registered manager must ensure that all recommendations and remedials of the Written Scheme and Risk Assessment are implemented
    Water lines must be fitted with anti-retraction valves in accordance with EU regulations
    It is mandatory to control legionella within the dental water system

    How 4i Can Help

    For these reasons, at 4i Water Services, our expert technicians offer the following services: 

    Legionella and Full Water Risk Assessments
    Supply, install and management of Pure Water Filtration Systems
    Water System Cleaning, Disinfection, Flushing & Temperature Monitoring
    Plumbing & Remedial Works
    Water Softener Servicing
    TMV / TNT Servicing & Fail Safe Checks
    Chemical Dosing Units & Chemical Supply
    UKAS Accredited Sampling & Analysis
    HTM04, HTM01, HSG274 and ACoP L8 Consultancy and Control Regimes

    Contact 4i Water Services today

    4i Water Services have built up a vast knowledge of the complications and difficulties experienced in the Dental Hygiene sector and can offer a range of services, products and advice in relation to safety and compliance.  

    Contact us or call us on 01359 242000 to discuss our services for dental care today!