Primary & Secondary Education

4i Water Services work directly with multiple Primary and Secondary school settings to ensure the safety of the pupils, teachers and staff.
Water Safety and Compliance in Educational settings falls under the HSE’s Approved Code Of Practice L8 and HSG 274 and due to the nature of the buildings, it is not uncommon to find inherent risk. This is down to the high volume of water stored and often lengthy periods of stagnation and low turnover.

4i Water Services have comprehensive knowledge of ACoP L8, HSG274 as well as the National Education Union guidance document on Legionella and Standards for School Premises and The School Premises Regulations 2012.

We can carry out scheduled Water Risk Assessments and help with remedial actions found. 4i Water Services can also assist in:-
  • Developing a written scheme of control with a designated Responsible Person and assisting in implementation.
  • Flushing of hot and cold water systems and taking and recording temperatures.
  • Regular cleaning and disinfecting of all outlets such as taps.
  • Testing of safety systems that utilise water such as fire sprinklers, these should also be regularly flushed and purged to drain.
  • TMV service, fail safe checks and commissioning. 
  • Quarterly clean and descale or replacement service for all showers.
  • Design and supply of chemical dosing units used to protect the water systems or leisure facilities such as swimming pools
  • Inspection, testing, cleaning and disinfection of hot and cold water storage tanks, water related plant such as boilers and calorifiers.
  • Point Of Use Filtration installation and management. 
 As school settings go for weeks with limited to no occupation, water stagnation is often a problem overlooked. 4i Water Services maintain regular flushing regimes during school holidays to ensure turnover of the water is sufficient to limit biofilm and bacteria growth.

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