Continuous Disinfection & Chlorine Dioxide

All commercial domestic water systems should have a continuous bacterial control regime in place. Traditionally most systems have used temperature control, hence the need to regularly monitor this aspect. Increasingly continuous injection of chemical disinfectants is used as an alternative. This must be completed under approval of DWI. The most commom chemical disinfectant used for these purposes is Chlorine Dioxide normally generated at the point of injection by the controlled blending of two chemicals.

There are many benefits of this system which include 24/7 protection and potentially massive energy savings, there are many applications that would benefit from this system.

Chlorine Dioxide is a safe and potent biocide which is approved for continuous use at levels between 0.1 and 0.5 ppm and is effective over a wide pH range in both hard and soft water.

` The ideal biocide`- chlorine dioxide sounds like just another form of chlorine but is very different. As a true dissolved gas Chlorine Dioxide is stable and does not react with water. This allows it to `travel` in solution and penetrate micro-organisms by molecular diffusion hence attacking bio film at the base of the film, where it is attached, allowing rapid removal.

The 4i Water Services 2010 range of Continuous Disinfection Units can therefore be used effectively for the emergency control of systems that have become bio-contaminated and are repeatedly producing 'out of control' symptons and return these systems to hygienic operation.

 4i Water Services 2010 is in maximum demand amongst discerning 'building service professionals' as a highly efficiently replacement of other less effective and energy wasting forms of continuous bacteriological control. It maintains unsurpassed levels of water hygiene and safety, together with compliance to all HSE required standards.

When used to replace the traditional but 'low tech' system of temperature as control, the energy saving potential is massive. You can therefore meet the demands of Carbon Footprint reduction by improving the quality of Water Hygiene and Water Safety! 



Basic 2020 CDU Automatic Chlorine Dioxide

2020 CDU

The 2020CDU is encased in a chemical resistant GRP case with all glands and seals being chemical resistant.  Additional extractor fan and filter can be added along with leak detection at an additional cost.



XT2010 CDU Automatic Chlorine Dioxide Generator

XT2010 CDU

The XT2010 provided 24/7 data logging, wireless control & monitoring, water leak notification and precision dosing (0.04ml/l of mains water with a max flow rate of 7.2m ᵌ per/h).



2010 Mobile CDU Automatic Chlorine Dioxide Generator

2010 Mobile CDU

The 2010 Mobile unit has all the benefits the XT2010 offers but is completely mobile. This system also has the double probe system to monitor the incoming mains water and the dosed water.



1010 CDU Automatic Single Chemical Dosing

2020 CDU

The 1010 CDU system uses a digital pump that can be linked to a water meter or chemical probe or just dose off a timer. The tank has a purposed built chemical resistant level switch to insure the pump does not run dry.


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Chlorine Dioxide Control Regime

Utilising the latest Chlorine Dioxide technology, the XT2010, the site now benefits from 24/7 protection.