CLO2 For Use in Food Production and Processing


Innovative solutions for the decontamination of produce and all water for use in all food production sectors, food process washing and produce irrigation


Efficiently produced and accurately dosed Chlorine dioxide (4i-ClO2) is the ideal disinfection and decontamination product for use in food production, processing and final preparation.

Via the accurate dosing and control systems developed by 4i Water Services – the XT range – and the correct application; Chlorine Dioxide provides a number of valuable benefits for food producers, growers and processors.

These include;

  • No residue on the finished product
  • Not declared on the packaging
  • Rapidly kills all bacteria – single celled organisms
  • Does not react readily with eukaryotic cells – complex cell structures
  • Destroys and prevents the regrowth of Biofilm
  • Is approved for use on Organic produce
  • Is approved for use in drinking water disinfection
  • Is safe for use by operators
  • Less corrosive than alternatives
  • Does not produce chlorinated compounds
  • Operates efficiently over a range of pHs
  • Does not react with ammonia compounds
  • Does not react with oils, fats or grease
  • Highly reactive and very quick action
  • Will not react with fertiliser compounds

Rapidly kills all the main pathogenic groups including:

  • TVCs
  • Listeria
  • Pseudomonads
  • Enterobacteriaceae (including E Coli)
  • Streptococci
  • Salmonella
  • Legionella.

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Food Processing & Preparation

The majority of microbial contamination is transported by or grows in water, water storage or water pipeline systems

In all areas of food production or preparation, water hygiene is of prime importance in ensuring food safety, food shelf life and food quality. If this was not the case, then the most contaminated water could be used in all areas of food production and processing without any impact to the end product quality or safety.

The application of 4i-ClO2 to any water in contact with, an ingredient of, or a carrier of food produce will improve water and produce hygiene and quality. This due to the reduction in bacteria on the produce and in the transportation water. Furthermore, the cross contamination from produce to produce is reduced as is the risk of contamination from naturally present or external pathogens


4i-ClO2 can be applied in:


  • Flume tanks
  • Wash or soak tanks
  • Transportation water
  • Chilled or cold water systems
  • Recycled or recirculating water systems


The application of 4i-ClO2 will reduce all bacteria colonies including:

TVCs, Listeria, Pseudomonads, Enterobacteriaceae (including E Coli), Streptococci, Salmonella and Legionella

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Irrigation Water treatment

By its very nature, irrigation water sources vary as does the water quality.

The stringent rules applied to irrigation water quality can often prevent a water course from meeting the criteria.

The application of 4i-ClO2 by the XT2020 can ensure that even the most contaminated water sources can be fit for use in food produce irrigation.


Poultry drinking water & Animal Husbandry


Clean healthy water is vital to all areas of healthy poultry growth and animal husbandry. Regulations now state that the water provided to poultry and other livestock has to be fit for human consumption.

At every area of the bird’s development, clean water is important. This include

Regulation of the body temperature

Food digestion

Waste production and elimination

Water is consumed at twice the rate of food and at elevated temperatures; water consumption increases by up to 400%.

Without a safe, clean ample water source, poultry health is compromised. Growth is stunted, egg production and quality reduces.

Evidence shows that the better the water quality, the better the bird health and growth rate. Food conversion ratios have been found to increase with better quality a well-managed water.

The application of 4i-ClO2 will

  • Reduce microbial contamination in the incoming water
  • Provide potable quality water
  • Reduce biofilm and bacteria build up in the water system, tank and pipework
  • Eliminate pathogens such as TVCs, Listeria, Pseudomonads, Enterobacteriaceae (including E Coli), Streptococci, Salmonella and Legionella from the water and water transport system.

Additional benefits from the use of 4i-ClO2 include:

  • Clean drippers free from blockages
  • Reduced mortality rates
  • Increased egg production and egg weights
  • Improved FCR – Food Conversion Ratios
  • Drier Litter
  • Reduced disease
  • 4i-ClO2 can also be used with vaccination products with no impact.

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 Horticultural as an industry are facing increasing pressure to mains water consumption and demand. Although the pressure is external in the form of legislation etc, forward thinking growers are seeing this as more of an opportunity to save the costs of mains water and have control to produce the water quality and water makeup that best suits their specific business needs.

 The application of 4i-ClO2 allows the available water to be free from microbial contamination, potential disease and pathogenic organisms.As the fungal diseases such as pythium, Rhizoctonia and Phytophthora commonly associated with Damping off and the mildew strains, both Downy and Powdery all require moisture to grow and take spread. The high quality of water hygiene produced by 4i-ClO2 slows fungal growth and preventing their effect on produce.

The application of 4i-ClO2 will


  • Allow for better disease management and algae control.
  • Eliminate biofilm form irrigation lines, tanks and systems
  • Prevent the clogging of drippers-
  • Allow the irrigation water to be free from disease
  • Allow for alternative water sources

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